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Friday, October 29, 2010

Moravian Star Pendant

I absolutely love the Moravian star pendant. It is traditionally from the 1800's and is said to bring luck to the family. I am thinking of replacing our oh -hum-drum of a light in our foyer/hallway with this beauty. I believe I saw them at home depot made by Hampton Bay Lighting.  This will give a wow factor upon entering our great room...lets see if hubby approves. I bet he wont like it, until he really sees it. Men don't have the  vision, lol.


Debra Powell said...

Debra here I have viewing your home I must say it is truly beautiful I can olny dream of having a house like yours your so lucky God has indeed blessed you I have a santa like yours I have a lot of antiques that i'm needing to be appraised and sold my daughter and I are wanting to relocate to florida and like you I do want to modernize my house with a Antique twist and good luck with the hubby situation becouse men are as you discribed some what lol your blogger friend Debra I have to locate my pics in my computer i down loaded off my android but i haven't finished going through them yet to find out which ones are which have a nice day friend and if I don't hear from you happy Easter debra

Debra Powell said...

love those pendents by the way they light up a room

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