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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Child Took My Memory Card

Well, just as I am getting ready to list my bubble bath line and my ice pops, it turns out my 18 month old daughter Olivia managed to take my digital camera , then somehow took out the memory card out. Now the card is missing, and I cant take pictures! How did she get that thing out? She would have had to press and slide the covering at the same time to get it to open...Its like a tylonol bottle for crying out loud...I looked everywhere and may head to the garbage today. She has a tendancy to throw out non-garbage items. I found a dozen of my ducks in the garbage once. Also cutlery,glasses you name it! Well, for those of you reading I have the natural bubble bath in 8 0z bottles at $8.50 , available in Cucumber Cantalope, Peppermint, and Monkey Farts. I also have Ice Pops which are $5 each available in Cherry Vanilla, Cucumber Cantalope, and Watermelon. As soon as I find that memory card I will list it in my shops. The next thing that I am currently working on is a foaming exfoiliating sugar scrub for the shower and bath and a whipped body butter. MMMMMMMmmmmm!


egassner said...

Oh! I know what you mean! My oldest went through that stage of throwing everything away...or hiding it in her room. She's finally over it!
Good luck on the bath butter and sugar scrub! Those are two of my personal favorites...and they sell pretty well too!

theprimpantry said...

Yes, These kids have nothing to do ! lol..thank u!