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Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Wake Me Up" Citrus Soap

Good Morning! Well, I have exactly 1 week until The Scattered Seeds how, still alot to be done. Hubby is done the ladder shelf..I have to paint it still.Looks fantastic! It needs 2 more of the shelving planks but I have to pick that up yet. I think it turned out exactly like the picture.

I cut the new loaf up last night, and boy does this soap ever wak you up ! It is fun and colorful. The smell is unbelievable in the shower. I also am going to start remaking Ice Lollies Soap because of the summer months ahead. It is very popular anytime of year really, but I have so many other things on the go that I didnt really have time to start them. I also wanted to have only special scents for them. They are not small, they are true to size and the kids love them. But don't be suprised..the adults love it too...

My husband's sister is pregnant again. Congrats!! At least it ain't me....My sister-in-law is due anyday. Poor gal, At least it ain't me! Very exciting to have new babies in the family. That would mean my youngest Olivia won't be the baby in the extended family anymore. There are 15 neices and nephews on my side , soon to be 16. On my husband's there is 8 soon to be 9..Thats a handful! So when I have birthday parties , or parties in general....there are 24 kids in my house (well if the 2 older teens show up , so I guess 22 kids) Yikes!

Well, I guess I better get on it and start making some more loaves. Have yourselves a great day!


Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

Oh my... my mouth is watering just thinking of the scent! I bet this soap would wake you up :) Beautiful photo too!WOW! Now that is one big family you have there. I bet holidays are fun and entertaining :)

Happy day to you!
☼ Rocki

theprimpantry said...

Thanks Rocki..yes very large and loud, but fun!