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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Communion

My son's first communion was great. He looked so cute and he was so excited. We had a fabulous party afterwards at my house. Good food and good company ,thats all you need!
I hadnt looked at any emails for days, because I was so busy preparing for it. Now that its over, I am back to business and listed new items in the shop.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Child Took My Memory Card

Well, just as I am getting ready to list my bubble bath line and my ice pops, it turns out my 18 month old daughter Olivia managed to take my digital camera , then somehow took out the memory card out. Now the card is missing, and I cant take pictures! How did she get that thing out? She would have had to press and slide the covering at the same time to get it to open...Its like a tylonol bottle for crying out loud...I looked everywhere and may head to the garbage today. She has a tendancy to throw out non-garbage items. I found a dozen of my ducks in the garbage once. Also cutlery,glasses you name it! Well, for those of you reading I have the natural bubble bath in 8 0z bottles at $8.50 , available in Cucumber Cantalope, Peppermint, and Monkey Farts. I also have Ice Pops which are $5 each available in Cherry Vanilla, Cucumber Cantalope, and Watermelon. As soon as I find that memory card I will list it in my shops. The next thing that I am currently working on is a foaming exfoiliating sugar scrub for the shower and bath and a whipped body butter. MMMMMMMmmmmm!

Monday, April 21, 2008

What a Craft show!

Good Morning! I am still on a high ! There is so much to say, I dont even now where to begin! Well, For starters I would like to thank Adriana (coffee-holic sister) for all her help for the entire 3 days (she cannot stay away I tell you), my mom for helping me with the kids, My sister-in-law Rina for coming to help at the show and giving me comic relief on Saturday (how did the girls do sunday for dance? Ill call u), and my hubby Mike for helping me out with the kids, the setup and everything. I am very appreciative because I had so much help and everyone was so willing . xox

I feel like Im accepting an academy award or somethin....Ok! Anyway, so the show was a success. Lots of nice people, the crowds are not what they will be like for Christmas but it was great. Everyone loved the soaps, they way they looked and smelled , and when they enter the shower they will see how fabulous they preform. I took a ton of pictures and was pleased with the way things were set up. Mind you, It will be tweeked into perfection in the coming months.

I had a few people approach me to do 2 different things. I am so excited about that! Also I met a fellow Etsian friend "Kiddlebug". She was so nice , and I was so happy to have met her face to face. She also bought one of my Ice Pops Soaps. I soldout of the watermelon, and was left with 1 cantalope cucumber, and one vanilla cherry. Those were a hit. The ducks were a hit too. people loved the ducks. I enjoyed eveyone laughs and giggles when they saw them. The Monkey Farts soap was a huge hit too. When people entered the booth they actually enjoyed the atmosphere, and had a great time smelling them all and looking at it all. It was so fun to watch.

That pic of the plate and cup taped with electrical tape, was a desperate attempt at making a cake plate ...I was 1 short, and though this was a great idea!! It was stayed together without any problems. My sister Adrians almost fell to the floor in disbelief! Martha!!! Where are ya girl! Desperate times sometimes calls for desperate measures!

We met lovely crafters on either side of us. A potterer named Shaun ( That name Shawn reminds me of that funny movie Shawn of the Living Dead), and the other lady (i ccant remember her name) was a jeweler. Beautiful items. I bought 2 pairs of earrings from her. One for me and one for my oldest daughter. I have a weak spot for buying all my kids alittle something when I do craft shows. I bought my 2 other girls necklaces, and my son a jointed teddy bear, but that wasnt given to him last night. I have his communion this coming Sunday, so ill give that to hime then. It is fairly large , and he was wearing a tie. Too cute!

My sister bought a ton of items. The favorite item she purchased was some cheese ball spice thing ..She is a cheese ball fanatic. She also bought a platter from that potter Shawn, for guess what...her cheese balls.

I think I heard the word "cheese ball" a gazzilion times! Coffee and cheese balls Adri????

I would like to talk about some "faux -pas" that took place in my booth. Cheese ball sister was eating chocolate and talked to a costumer. I couldnt make out what she was saying because the chocolate was speeoooing (is that a word?) out of her mouth. I think I said, " Oh, Adri, thats a faux pas! " a gazillion times. She didnt like that word.

No, sister is not a crazy wreck as some might think , she was very helpful. ;0 )

Also...NEVER rearrange your neighbours booth WITHOUT ASKING...just dont rearrange your neighbour display period...(I wont mention any names) I couldnt believe my eyes.

Also, dont stand DIRECTLY infront of the displays so your costumers cant get to it. We are not on the football field playing defence. Again, I won't mention any names. Also, NEVER runafter and give a costumer's child a free sample of soap, sneak it to the child, who's parent is busily talking to another soaper at another table(that parent not knowing what was going on ) then come run back..only moments later ,the mother comes back to our booth with child and her ear in her hand thinking her 3 year old daughter stole a piece of soap, apoligizing for her clepto child,when infact she was GIVEN the soap as a gift. WONt mention any names there either......LOl!!

Here is something I found funny that she said to me...." I have a you want some tylonol? " Seriously!! She said that and didnt realize that. I told her , Uh, You are the one with the headache. Why would I want a tylonol? Maybe she would like a pill with her cheeseball and coffee? LOL

Ok I need to go now, I will come back later and talk some more :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Husband came through!

Well, Its done! My DH came through and made me this wonderful display! He is very skilled indeed! Thank you! I did prime and painted it myself though... I chose Cherry Cobbler for the paint color... It is a perfect shade of red for me. Now that this shelf is done, I have to keep going at it and make more soaps. Only 3 more sleeps!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

New! Put Together Finally!

I finally put my idea together today, and need some imput. These are cute polkadot letters that are packaged and ready to give with a cute tag . They are available from A to Z each one says something different. Here are 2 letter examples A is for Always and L is for Love

They will be priced at $3.50 each so I need some feedback. I think they are so cute that I would definitely need not think about it..(but I want to know what u think!) Please leave a comment and tell me if these are something you would pick up..:)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Wake Me Up" Citrus Soap

Good Morning! Well, I have exactly 1 week until The Scattered Seeds how, still alot to be done. Hubby is done the ladder shelf..I have to paint it still.Looks fantastic! It needs 2 more of the shelving planks but I have to pick that up yet. I think it turned out exactly like the picture.

I cut the new loaf up last night, and boy does this soap ever wak you up ! It is fun and colorful. The smell is unbelievable in the shower. I also am going to start remaking Ice Lollies Soap because of the summer months ahead. It is very popular anytime of year really, but I have so many other things on the go that I didnt really have time to start them. I also wanted to have only special scents for them. They are not small, they are true to size and the kids love them. But don't be suprised..the adults love it too...

My husband's sister is pregnant again. Congrats!! At least it ain't me....My sister-in-law is due anyday. Poor gal, At least it ain't me! Very exciting to have new babies in the family. That would mean my youngest Olivia won't be the baby in the extended family anymore. There are 15 neices and nephews on my side , soon to be 16. On my husband's there is 8 soon to be 9..Thats a handful! So when I have birthday parties , or parties in general....there are 24 kids in my house (well if the 2 older teens show up , so I guess 22 kids) Yikes!

Well, I guess I better get on it and start making some more loaves. Have yourselves a great day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Hello Again! Long time no hear....Here are pictures of my girls having a ball in the new bubble bath I will have available. It is fantastic, loads and loads of bubbles they have never seen them like that before. This one was scented in Monkey Farts...smelled soo good in that bathroom. I only used about a cap and a half under running water. It did really well in my jacuzzi tub.

I will have it available in 8 oz size. I am just finishing with the details . There will only be 15 in stock, we'll see if its in demand or not. I think its just fantastic. It left my kids skin super soft and they smelled great. Best of all, no chemicals!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New To The Prim's Pantry

Sorry you all, for not blogging the last few days. I have a new item that I am so excited about. It is too cute . These are Dottie Initials and come in any letter, color or fragrance. They can also be ordered in a custom name or word . Each soap is 4" in size , and is 3 oz. They contain no surfactants or Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Sodium Laureth Sulphate. gentle gentle on baby's skin or eczema sufferers .The lather is still amazing and I am very pleased to introduce this to my line. They make great favors and gifts.