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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ahhhh....Christmas Memories

So today I was thinking back to my childhood years, Christmas time to be exact. A few things that I enjoyed being around, that my mom brought out every year is a wind up Santa that played music. I loved this thing .

As a child I would pick at the little sack that Santa was carrying. It had a small wrapped foiled present in his tulle looking sack...I thought there was a real present inside. Eventually , I teared a hole in it trying to get in it. Now I know what little kids are thinking when they "destroy" our things. Now I see that sometimes are kids aren't intentionally being destructive.

I found my Santa today on Ebay, and will purchase him. I cant wait to bring him back home.

Another item I am looking for is the Plastic Church that my mom always was proud to display every year. I loved this this thing too, I actually thought there could be people in it when she lit it. It was musical too and I plan to find one and have it out for this year.


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I remember i use to be so thrilled on Christmas.

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