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Friday, May 30, 2008

And The Winner is...........

Thanks to my 4 year old daughter for picking a name out of her princess hat.. jen!! Jen? Are you out there? You are the winnier! Your bar will be shipped out today..Please convo me Jen so I can get your address. Just follow the link to my shop, then click on contact. Thanks so much guys for all your wonderful comments. If I Dont Hear from Jen ..I will redraw on Monday.
Next draw will be in a few weeks. I will be drawing for a basket of 3 bars this time!

For those of you who are lemon lovers, I will have the Lemon Meringue Pie soap listed on Monday. It is too die for really. If you are shopping this weekend in my shop, and are new to the world of Prim Pantry; may I suggest Pink Lady Soap. It is the best seller and you will not want to leave your shower with this one...

Also, I will have a buy one Bar of Soap and get one Free this weekend only. It is not advertised in my shop because this is a special only offered to anyone who has read my blog. Just purchase one bar from my shop, then email me your second free choice.

Happy weekend everyone!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Strawberries! Giveaway!

Here is a soap that is now currently listed in my shop. Its called Strawberry Dream...MMMmmm! So please leave comment and you will be entered to win a slice of this whipped dream! Draw will be held Friday Morning May,30th. I will email the winner, and post the winner here. Good Luck!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Roger That! I'm on Cutable!

I am very excited today. I opened my email this morning, and got an email that says I was on CUTABLE today. My "roger that" soap duckie was chosen 'cause hes so cute! Bookmark that site because its all about cute finds and must haves. It is updated daily, and believe me there are alot of cute stuff out there.

Free Counter

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Polka Dot Collection

Here is the Peppermint Polka Bar I listed today . It has a fresh and true peppermint smell. ...not to mention cute!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Soap: Shoe Collection

Pretty and pratical! This soap is called Uptown Girl. It smells wonderful..upscale and chic. It is listed at 4.50 for a 4.5 oz bar. This is what happens when you have all day to experiment! I love this...

Julia Teresa

I believe I have not talked about my new neice Julia. She is currently a few weeks old and cute as a button. She looks like a little doll. She was born shy of 6 pounds and 19 inches long...I saw her yesterday (another family gathering) and got to hold her. I would say a whole hour pretty much. My youngest tried to snatch her, she thought she was a doll she could toss around!

Of course ,as soon as you hold a baby your desire for another starts to kick in...I had to slap myself silly and come back to reality. Good Lord, what was I thinking! Do I want to be the next Angelina Jolie? 5 children is certainly plenty. Also, If I want to conquor the world with my soaps, I need to stay focused! Julia is a cutie though.. Well, that makes 16 grandkids for my parents. You should have seen the picture my sister was trying to caputure..It was my parents 45th Anniversary on Sunday, and she called all the children to take a photo with my parents. It was very nice to see. Very rewarding I would say. Loud, crazy..but nice!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Whipped Body Butter is Here

This is Cotton Candy. This is by far the best smelling, best creamy whipped cream I have used. I am not being biased, am I ? My husband's favorite scent is the cotton candy. Of course he doesnt use it , but he absolutely loves the smell. Maybe I should change the name to "Land Me a Man" Butter!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Through the eyes of a 4 Year old Child...

With out permission, Sara took my camera and took these shots ! I was downloading some pictures from my camera onto my computer yesterday and found some well....wonderful works of art? Sara got hold of my camera and took some interesting pictures. Pretty artistic I think. She is also very sneeky because I had no idea she had taken these until I saw them on my computer.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Collin and Justin : Home Heist

Good Morning all! Just when I think there's nothing to talk about....This morning all I thought about was the show I watched last night Colin and Justin's :Home Heist on HGTV. I watch that show every Tuesday night. I have to admit, I always look forward to that show. I end up laughing all the time and last night was no exception. Those two were fighting over a $5 fur coat on the front lawn of the home owner's house. Rolling around in the grass together..My husband thought that was quite gross..I thought it was hysterical. Also, what I found really neat is they went in a lighting shop choosing some lighting for the owners home.The first thing they came across was the dining room chandelier I bought for my home. They were talking about it , and the owner loved it ,wanted it , but they said it was too large for the scale of her home. I live in Winnipeg, but this light was bought in toronto and shipped here from the same store. Then they came across another light fixture..(same one I bought again!) and they bought that very one for her house. ..a diamond cut glass hundi lantern. So neat to see that my lights were in the show! The kitchen they designed looked so similar to mine...only they had black granite counter top. It was really nice! I wish those two were in my house needs alot of stuff right now. All in due time!
This week in my etsy shop Its BUY 3 GET ONE FREE! Until Sunday May 18th

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


For those of you who personally know me, even if I do have 5 children to tend to, I always want to try to keep up with the lastest trends. Something that I have been eyeing for a while now is some jewlery that I found on Etsy. Divinerose makes some eyecatching necklaces that are sweet, different and now Im thinking trendy and "in". I havent been in the malls recently so maybe they are out in various stores, but I havent seen really nice ones as these. If any of you know the world acclaimed designer Betsey Johnson, divinerose makes very similar (I think better) layered charm necklaces as well. The designer is the one with the cherry charm.
I will someday snap up ones of these babies. Right now I am loving the layered necklace look. I love unique pretty things. This is obviously my favorite..dont snatch it up though!

Monday, May 12, 2008

What a Wonderful Mother's Day...

I hope every one's Mother's Day was enjoyable! Mine was great! The morning started off with the kids piling up on my bed early in the morning. My DH Mike tried,for the consecutive 10th year in a row, to make my cafe con leche (coffee with milk)and failed. You would think he would know by now how much sugar,coffee and milk to put?? I received some toast also, which my 1 year old started munching on and made herself quite comfortable right next to me.
Mikey who is 7 years old, made me a fridge magnet with his picture in it and a wind chime made of plastic spoons and curling ribbon. That was cute! Emma who is 6, made a beautiful book called I love you as..... She is quite the drawer. She also had time to make me about 15 I love you Mommy cards (no lie), some paper flowers, and about 8 pictures. Bonnie who is 11, made me a mini calender with love quotes on each month. Cute , Cute! Sara who is 4, made me a picture of a circle and said it was a phone..Genius! Olivia ,she's the 1 year old, left a huge pile of crumbs on my bed. Well, that leaves the dh...I couldn't open his gift in front of the got to it anyway, and pulled it right out...Emma said"WOW that so pretty!...What is it? a bathing suit? How come you have so many bathing suits but you never go in the water???"
I ask myself the same questions. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the "bathing suits", I could probably open my own La Senza/Victoria Secret shop; forget the soaps....but when I do receive these items as gifts I call these the " I didn't have time , so I'm headed to La Senza type gift "
LOL...Christmas,birthdays,mothers day, name it. Anyway, it was lovely thank you .

My sister was in town for Mother's day which was nice.She is pictured above to the right. I had my mom and all my in-laws come for a Mother's day lunch. I served mimosas,sandwiches ,salad fruit and desserts. It really was nice. Both mothers loved their gift..I picked up these fairly large pagoda solar lanterns from costco..they loved them! My dad who loves his garden loved it too. I would say he was really happy about getting that . The evening ended up at my brothers ..we had a double birthday party for my niece and nephew. There is almost always a family gathering every weekend..this weekend is my parents 45th wedding anniversary. I have such a large family that a free weekend is unheard of.

This week, I am eagerly awaiting some new fragrances. I have also been preparing some applications for some upcoming shows and checking into the farmers market.

Friday, May 9, 2008

And the Winner Is.......

Bunny B is the winner. Congratulations! Thanks all who entered! I enjoyed reading all the lovely comments ..This so successful and fun , that Ill be doing this more often! In the works are Rasberry Zinger Soaps and Fresh Strawberry Soap....Rasberry Zinger will be my next giveaway. Stay tuned!

Well, Its Mother's Day this Sunday as you all know. I am hosting a Mother's day lunch for my in-laws and parents. My sister is visiting from Fort McMurray with my neice so shell be coming too. Also, on the same day later on ..I have my neice and nephews double birthday party..BUSY Busy! Happy Mother's Day to all those hardworking moms..Everyday should be mother's day:)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Key Lime Pie Baby! Free Bar Giveaway!

Last night I whipped up some Key Lime Pie Soap. Just when I think Ive found a favorite, out comes another new one I absolutely love! I just listed it in my etsy shop today. Leave a comment and you will be entered in a draw to recieve a free bar of Key Lime Pie Soap ! Draw will be held this Friday!

I am still waiting on my Whipped Body Butter Labels, so I should have those listed by next week. Cotton Candy, Cherry Bomb and Mardis Gras Whipped Butters to come...

Also in the works again, is the Solid Body Butter . I made these available last year, and they are fab .

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ode to Frodo..

Every once in a while..ok all the time...I think of Frodo. He was a coton de tulear that I purchased 2 and a half years ago. I had to give him up ,even before I recieved him because I found out I was expecting my 5th child . It was a surprise. My idea was 4 kids and a dog. overwhelmed, I knew it was too much. So he came and I had him for a heartbreaking week. He would have turned 3 in November ..I wonder what he is doing now??

My Uncle Dino

Good Morning everyone, On a sad note my Uncle Dino passed away yesterday. He is in a better place now. Cancer took over his entire body basically..very sad. To me,and many others he was a young 66 year old who had plenty of years left to live and enjoy. He loved to sing and dance, a very happy person. We will miss him dearly.