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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Easy Arts & Crafts Kid's Projects: pompom maker using a recycled CD and...

 If there's one thing we've learned over our years of crafting, it's that someone, somewhere, has tons of yarn to give away. After the jump you'll find a fabulous how to idea on making this rug on your own, courtesey of a fellow etsyer, plus a cool video I found  on constructing your own pom pom maker!

What if we made one ourselves? Yes, we'd love to pay them for their craftsmanship, but around the holidays, money can be right and lets say we don't have the $140 bucks lying around to purchase this adorable pom pom rug? So you decide to make one yourself. Here's a quick how to when it comes to pom pom making in case you need a refresher, plus a handy way to keep fingers from getting pinched so the kids can help out!

After your pom poms are created, head to the local craft store to pick up some rug backing. You'll find it near the yarn where you can buy a pre cut size. If you need more, many fabric counters have a bolt in back if you ask for an extra large piece to be cut (if you're feeling daring). Simply tie on your pom poms and that's pretty much all there is to it!

Would you ever make your own rug in this method? Why or why not?  I may do one for my craft show booth flooring in my business colors

(Image: Etsy Seller: CustomPhotoProps)

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