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Friday, March 7, 2008

Tips to Maximize Your Sales : Your Booth

Since I have an upcoming large Spring show next month, I thought I would post some tips that I came across on the net . The pic posted is just an example I found on the internet of a typical 10 x 10 booth. (not my booth)

Your Booth - 1. Before the show: Details count. Review every element of your booth, just as you review your work.

2. Before the show, and at the show: Have professional price tags. Ideally, price tags are typed or laser printed on heavy weight paper, or glued to mat board. Price tags authenticate the price, reducing the “haggle.”

3. At the show: Use a floor covering. It completes your booth and covers up ugly directional traffic markings and muddy ground.

4. At the show: Adjust often during the show. Shelf work should be arranged neatly. Keep glass clean, and bring touch up paint/markers for those unexpected nicks.

5. At the show: Don’t over fill your both. More is not always better. Have more stock in back, so that you can pull out that special piece for the right person.

6. At the show: think about multiple levels, and great bases that are the same. Don’t make bases so interesting that they detract from your work.

7. At the show: Have plenty of business cards and if you are redoing them, include pictures of your product . It greatly helps people remember who you are.

8. At the show: Keep a guest book, and maintain a database for future mailings.

9. At the show: If you love how your booth looks, take a photo for next season’s juries. The biggest weakness we see in the juries, are dark booth slides. Try to take a booth shot when the booth is bright and full of light. If you don’t love your booth, evaluate how it could be improved.

10. At the show: Keep your booth tidy so that the visitor at 4 pm on Sunday has the same positive experience that the visitor Saturday morning had.

11. At the show: maximize your experience, and take a look around for great booth ideas from other artists.

12. Wear your name badge during the show. This lets the public know who you are right away

Tomorrow , Ill be talking about "Your Work"...


Rachael said...

Great subject matter and very useful tips. Thanks!

Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

Wonderful blog and great tips. I started doing shows last year and love to hear tips from others. I learned a couple new ones here - thank you!

SilverShadow Designs / BerryPatchDesigns said...

Very nice list. Well considered items.

For the artisan him/herself, might want to add make sure of receipt book(s), folder/envelope for receipts (sales and travel expenses), snack food (crackers, whatever) and WATER. Comfortable chair.

Bring items to work on, as well. People react well to seeing an artisan work. They ask questions and actually perceive you as an artisan, rather than a shop clerk. Plus, you have the potential to make modifications, as requested.

kathijane said...

Thanks for sharing these great tips! I like the idea of the floorcovering and in the past have tended to overfill my booth! Looks much nicer with less!