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Monday, June 16, 2008

What's Happening?

Father's Day was great yesterday. Lots of action! If you go back and read my Mother's Day post, that pretty much sums it up in the morning only the tables were turned. It felt like deja-vu really.

On Saturday I set up my space at the Keepsakes Gallery. I met Joyce the owner, she's really nice and welcoming. The space is fantastic, nicely organized and makes you want to shop. I believe there are 80 Manitoban artists featured. Everyone googled my soaps and were really excited. I hope my soaps do well there. One gal sells neat plaques and stuff that have quotes on them then pictures of cats and such. Whimsical looking I would describe these to be...Hallmark (yes thee Hallmark) has purchased a ton and continues to do so from her. She is the only artist in Canada that Hallmark has contacted. Wow! You just never know sometimes.

Kepsakes Gallery is located in Winnipeg's Exchange District . The name "Exchange District" comes from the Winnipeg Grain Exchange, the hub of Canada's grain industry, as well as other industry exchanges - all of which transformed Winnipeg into the "Chicago of the North" from 1881 to 1918. Today, the Exchange District is a National Historic Site that encompasses 20 city blocks and is composed of nearly 150 buildings. It is the center of Winnipeg's cultural and entertainment scene as well as the home to unique residential lofts, educational institutions and a variety of business entities. Cobblestone streets lined with clothing boutiques, coffee bars, nightclubs, art galleries, museums, antique dealers, restaurants and pubs make the Exchange District a truly dynamic urban community. It is also home to the city's theatre district and Old Market Square, which is a popular summer venue and plays host to several festivals and concerts including: The Jazz Winnipeg Festival, The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival and Bedford Investments Music in the Market Concert Series.

I am really excited to have my soaps showcased there!

I may do some weekends at the local St. Norbert Farmers Market. I have always wanted to do that so that may be something on my list this summer. Also something to note, I am adding soap that is 100 % natural. Same fun, yummy look! Just catering to those who won't use anything else but natural.

I have some new Fragrances that just arrived. They smell like a few of Lush's soaps but way better. Sure to be a favorite of many!


Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

I'm sure your soaps are going to do quite well there - I feel it in my bones :)
Good luck!
☼ Rocki

Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

One little thing... check out my blog for your award :)

☼ Rocki