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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Martha on Etsy

Some exciting news folks! Etsy will be featured on Martha Stewert this Friday. She will have a number of Esty seller's works on her show, and talk about what Etsy is all about. Great publicity for us Etsy sellers. Very exciting ! If you have a moment, Ive added a new page element on the right hand side: Favorite Etsy Bloggers....check it out!

Also, Ive added some new items to my Etsy shop, pirate duckie and Spa Lady duckie..Great gifts for anytime of year, but Easter would be great! Kids love these soaps, even the "big" kids.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday's Feature Etsy Seller: CurlyGirlCrochet

As you know, I have a crochet toy fetish. Curlygirlcrochet makes scarves, purses, cuffs, ponchos and more ...but this barnyard tote set is the cutest thing ! Just imagine taking this cutie thing out for your little cowpoke. Look at the detail ,and the amount of work put into it! First place ribbon for Mr. Pig...How Cute is that! The barn is 11 x 10.5 and thats not even counting the handles. The animals itself are very generous in size. In her own words:

"Crocheting has been my passion for the past 29 years and I love it! I make quality items that you will be proud and happy to own or give as gifts. You can buy here with confidence.Don't see what you're looking for? Custom orders through Etsy are welcome. "Please contact her for details.
Please check her out. This barnyard would be a great easter gift, birthday gift or just because gift. How many times have you found yourself Montana's having dinner, and junior is having a fit...Bring out ye olde barn ,I say!

Sunday is Last day of The Pre-Spring Cleaning Sale

Get it while you can folks, 3 for $10 ...fabulous deal. Regularly priced at 3 for $15... Etsy looks like they are having technical dissiculties right now......What is going on I wonder??
Today I have pommegranate soap. This one is to die for really. A favorite of mine, it is going to be a regular in my line. This one is sooooo good, I could eat it! I will post a pic of it in the up coming hours.....Stay tuned

Friday, February 22, 2008

My Feature Etsy Seller : Foto Fiction

Hey everyone. Today I decided to feature a fellow Canadian Etsy seller, fairly new to the world of Etsy called foto fiction. Not only are her photos simply beautiful, 10% of all proceeds will go to SickKids Hospital in Toronto to honour the memory of a niece named Trinidy Rayne.

In her own words she says:

"Photography to me is a way of conveying moments of emotion, beauty and thought without the need to find the appropriate words and sometimes courage to say them. The captured mood may be solemn, sorrowful, silly or serene but the actual act of creation is always pure joy. "

"With each click I aim to continue celebrating life as she did, with each day being an opportunity for new adventure, laughter and beauty."
You Must check her out, they are reasonably priced beautiful works of art....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sale Sale !! Ends Febuary 24th..3 bars for $10! regularly $15

Afternoon! I have my choose 3 bars for $10 until the 24th of this month. Each bar is at least 5.3 oz , so you get a full pound of soap for $10 . You must try the Mardis Gras for you citrus die for. Also with any purchase recieve a free gift.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Introducing for the men: Twisted Steel & Sex Appeal

This is called Twisted Steel &Sex Appeal..this is targeting my man customers...This fragrance is both appealing to men and woman alike. It really is a sexy scent. My husband has not seen the final product yet..but I think he'll like the way it turned out. He has smelled it and really loves the smell... This scent I think will be a hit

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mardis Gras Soap

Today I designed my MardisGras soap. I do like it but not enough to remake it in the same colors. I will keep it all purple and add the whipped top with the gold mica. There is green in it and I think that is what I am not liking. It smells wonderful I have to say. Very citrusy with ylang ylang as a base note. I think it will be a best seller.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Cotton Candy Gourmet Soap Slice

Today I made cotton candy soap. This one smells like the real deal. Its one of my favorites in my line of soaps

The Chi Chi Chicks have moved to a New location

The Chi Chi Chicks are better than ever. Their new location is now 515 Osborne (wpg,Mb). It is a house storefront. Inside you will find rooms divided into "themes" for example :Man-tique, She-She,ChiChi-Baby! and the Kitschy Kitchen. How Cool is that? They are re-opening their retro pretty store Feb.9th. Go and check it out!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My new Card

Business Card Success!

ok, I finally love my business card. It is simple ,to the point yet effective. Sometimes going with the simplist things is all you need to make things work. I think they are perfect and to my liking. They look yummy. So, I will post it when i get the final proof. Hooray!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Still working on it....

Well, Still working on my cards...not feeling it yet,still tweaking I was thinking maybe to add the picture thats shown, on to the cards. It looks yummy I think. I am really fussy and want to make things perfect so i dont know how long this will take. I hope the designer is patient with me.
Well, I added a few scents to my line that will surely be a hit. Mardi gras is one, Red Hat is another and for the man in your life, Twisted Steel & Sex Appeal. What do you think of that man soap name??? I named it based on my brother-in-law Bruce , who might I add, came up with that name.

Friday, February 1, 2008

proof 5

Proof 5 : the colors not,,,... but hows the "concept"? the 4 windows?

Proof 4 from grafikexpressions..helping me out

proof 4:

Proof 3

Proof 3 :

Scully's Buisness Card Proof

Scully's Idea

New proof

New proof: Dont really like it as much as Scully's proof

Brain Storming

Well, I missed writing in my blog yesterday. My daughter Sara had the stomach flu but she's all better now! My mind is working overtime. Brainstorming is all I do now. I got my proof for my buisness cards ...tell me what you think? I am not sure yet....Also, I am thinking about how my 10 x 10 space at the craft show is going to present itself. Displays are just as important as the product . I need something that is quick and easy to set up but at the same time it has to be eyecatching. My creations will all be displayed on cake plates. I am rolling with the idea of "PANTRY". bakery,bistro, ect...I thought of making brochure type menus .

I also have to figure how much inventory to make and bring. The crowd of people should reach over 8000 at the spring one ,it doubles for christmas. Worst case senerio , I could sell 1% of the attendence. There is a million things to think of! I just ordered 1000 business cards, I am getting some sinage done. If anyone has any comments to leave about advice on displays, craft shows or otherwise, dont hesitate. I love looking on the web about displays at craft shows,setups ect...There isnt enough info on that I think
I have ordered new scents for the spring and summer season. A few examples is cotton candy and watermelon. I have Fresh Pear that I am working on now.