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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Communion

My middle child Emma, will have her 1ST Communion Sunday. I am busily preparing for that and boy, am I busy. The food I have yet to plan out, but it will be dinner.

This is the third communion we've done, so this occasion is no stranger to us.

As you can see, I have posted the dress that I bought. It is a Christie Helene dress that retailed for $450. But, of course I didn't pay that for goodness sake. Whenever I need a special occasion dress for the girls, and I want a designer that we cant get here ...I go to the land of Ebay. Ebay is like my best friend. I purchased this dress new, tags and all..crispy white untouched for 29.99 US dollars..Can you believe that. What is so amazing is it fits my daughter to a tee and she looks like an angel. I am so thrilled with this purchase. She is also wearing a pearl headband (no veil). Cant wait to see her in it all.


Moondoonie said...

Good luck with the celebration & the dinner. You got a really good deal on the dress. That's so much fun to find a bargain for something that you truly need. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Great dress! Thanks to ebay. Great post too. Hey, in case you have a great business idea I'd say just go for it.