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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Products to Be Added Soon

Morning All! I hope you had a wonderful Easter...I know I did. Peep-free to say the least.
I expected my husband to buy a few anyway, just to bug me .....dry sense of humour that guy ....but he didn't! Shocked I tell you! No peeps = Great Easter

I am excited to add some new products to my line. They have been in the works for quite sometime. First we are introducing 8 oz size Bubble Bath that is free of sodium lauryl sulfates, DEA, parabens or harsh detergents. A limited supply will be available....if it is in much demand, it will remain a permanent part of The Prim Pantry. Also coming soon is Alphabet Soap. This I am totally excited about because it is unlike anything I have seen. Size wise, and packaging it is too cute to pass up. Slowly but surely, a few more products are in the works but things take time to perfect.

My Big show is coming in about 2-3 weeks. I have a ton to do! My husband who promised to get that ladder system built ...Well surprise surprise,he still has not tackled it. I told him his deadline is about a week and a half before the show....He better get on it! I am so looking forward to it. I have been doing shows for years..but this one may take the cake.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Busy, Busy Chick

I'm just crazy busy these past weeks. I have multiple things in the works. I have an order to finish for the Chi Chi Chicks, I have my spring show coming in 3 weeks..Yikes! And huge ideas that I must finish details on. If I could just work 24 hours straight everyday, I could do everything I want!
Easter is this weekend, and we have plans with both sides of the family. Always look forward to Easter. The kids love the Easter egg hunts every year...My husband always buys those darn peeps every year .. by the thousands! I hate those things. He thinks they are fun to find and fun to eat. Ugly looking creatures , disgusting is what I say ..OK ,maybe a few to find ,but not 10 thousand of them! I feel like I'm in the Hitchcok Movie "The Birds".How is that any different? On the grocery list I sent via email stated:
- Bread
- O.j.
-Easter Stuff (...NO PEEPS Man....PEEPS are not welcome at our house...NO PEEPS allowed.....ROGER THAT??")
Easter Everyone!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Decorating The House

Well, I finally put some drapes up last night. This is a pic of our kitchen/dinnette . I was pondering over full length drapes or roman shades.I decided to put full length drapes there and also in the great room. It is all open so I thought it would just be nice to continue them through the kitchen.

We moved in before Christmas,and there is still so much to be done. I still have a zillion things to put up in the kids bedrooms. My next purchase is going to be an area rug for the great room. I have been looking for months and nothing. The only one I found was on the internet. My husband is a little reluctant to purchase such a large item like that...especially since I always change my mind about things.I think It is the perfect rug though...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Feature Artist Today: Giggling Goldfish

Good Afternoon evryone. Today I am feauturing another fellow etsyer named Giggling Goldfish. If that shop name doesnt make you smile, then you need a happy pill! :D
They are a mother and daughter team that make the cutest fun and funky designed jewlery. Her daughter is only 11 years old. So young, yet so talented! How wonderful to be crafting with your daughter .

How can anyone resist this ? Priced at only $15 , This tile necklace would be the perfect add on to your spring and summer outfit It the cutest accessory for all ages. This is the perfect gift to give or keep yourself. It doesnt end there because the packaging is just as special as the item itself.

They do take custom orders , so please feel free to convo them and check out their wonderful store.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Picture of My 2x4 foot Banner For The Show And... Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Happy Birthday to my Mom .Its her birthday today!
Here is my banner folks..What I failed to realize is maybe I should have had my etsy shop as my website posted on there. They are on my new buisness cards , but my banner no. I am disappointed but I can either get another one (which I probably will do anyway down the road) and or add sticker letters above the I will do that if I find the right letters.. I dont want it to be confusing. Anyway, on my .com web , it states to check out etsy anyway. Anywho thats my banner!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!!

I've been Tagged! Two Bees in a Pod tagged me yesterday.At first I'm like; what?? What does that I get it! I am supposed to write 7 random things about my self ..Well, Here it goes!

1. I love onion rings with vinegar
2. I am a perfectionist
3. I am a Girlie Girl
4. I married at age 20
5. I rearrange my house quite often
6.I get bored too quickly
7. I am in love with Nicolas Cage

Ok ! Now I am tagging

A little Piece of B..

What Kind of Displays to Consider

Good Morning everyone...As I said before, I am obsessed with making the perfect booth/display. I am sure alot of you are obsessing over that too. I recieved my 2x 4 foot banner in the mail yesterday..It looks great..very eye catching I think..which is what I wanted. I cant take a photo of it and post it bacuae my daughter took it to school I will post it tomorrow morning. Anywho, I thought of a great way to display my duckie ducks, its easy to make (husband reqired) portable , and eyecatching. I wanted a ladder system..I surfed the net and found a picture of exactly what look i was trying to go for. If you can make this, then Its brilliant! My husband swears he can make it ...(we'll see about that)

My ducks will definitely pop and make peoplt swoon on over . :) As for my table ..I have yet to find a cover .I dont know if white is what I will go with or a robin egg blue..well see. Soaps are being displayed on cake plates in varoius heights. My goal is simple set up yet effective.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Part 4 : Thinking About Secruity

Ok...Good Morning all! Something else maybe to consider when you are at the craft show is security. My upcoming show is 3 days long and setup is the day prior. These days, anything is possible. Here are some points I came across that made me think twice . You definitely dont want people stealing your work and or your hard-earned cash; it does happen.

1. Keep your money on your person. Don’t have a money box, or bag you “hide” in your booth.

2 .Be especially alert at set-up and break-down when there is a lot of commotion.

3 .Jewelers with gold and precious stones: You should have at least one or more additional people with you at shows. If you feel you are being cased during a show, alert the staff. Trust your instincts. Consider using dummy bags. Don’t register in your hotel under your show name. Don’t take a first floor hotel room, or a room near the elevator or stairs. Fill up with gas the last morning of the show so that when you leave, you will go far before having to stop. Keep a disposal camera in your booth, and take a picture of someone you think is casing your booth. Bad guys don’t want to be seen and remembered. During daily set-up and take-down, always keep your merchandise on your person or securely locked to an immovable object. Don’t give anyone an opportunity.

4. Accept Credit Cards, thereby reducing carrying a lot of cash.

5. Be careful about hiring non-show people who happen to be around at set-up and offer to help you for a twenty.

6. It is recommend to remove your work from your booth at night even though most shows provide overnight security

. 7. Don’t leave tempting items in your booth overnight: cameras, radios, briefcases, etc.

8. Lock your vehicle! Remember to lock the back and side doors of your parked trucks and vans

Monday, March 10, 2008

Coffee-Holic Sister at a Craft Show in 2007 Before The Show

I found this picture and thought I would post it. This is my sister who helps me out frequently . She cannot live without her coffee. She is a Tim Horton's fanatic, but this time there was no Tim's in sight. She did manage to find a little coffee house (that wasnt opened yet, too early!)... they let her in poor soul.
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Part 3 : Before The Show

Good Morning All! I guess I should have posted this first but, oh well. Better late than never, right?

1. 2-3 months in advance: If you have a website, post your show schedule.

2. 2-3 weeks in advance: Postcard/Invitation mailing to previous customers in and near the show.

3. 2 weeks before: Check your business cards/brochures supply, replenish if necessary.

4. 1 day to one week before: Get a haircut if you need it. (You never get another chance to make a first impression)

5. 1 week before: Plan show clothes and have them cleaned for the show.

6. Day before: Review map of route to festival.

7. Days before: Pack carefully. At every festival, someone has forgotten a vital piece of their display.

8. Week before: Photo document your newest work for next season’s jury.

9. Week before: Pack camera/film so you can photograph your booth.

10.Week before: Check your vehicle: tire, fluids, belts, etc

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Part 2: Your Work and You

Your work:

1. Have various price points so that you have broad appeal to the masses.

2. Have work of various sizes, colors, fragrances (what ever u may do)

3. Be true to yourself. Time and time again, I see that it is the artists who really have something to say that sell the best, regardless of price

You -

1. Be clean and smell good. Basic, but true. People do not want to talk to, let alone buy from, someone who smells. Don’t eat onions and tuna fish and expect to sell.

2. Be well dressed. People buy more from people who dress (shoes too) like them.

3. Interact with the public. If you can’t, then hire someone who can. (You must still be present at the show)

4. People are not just buying your product , they are buying an experience, your story, you. You could tell them about yourself; what inspired you .

6. (this one aggravates me for sure, I hope that guy in the picture isnt doing #6) Don’t sit behind your booth reading a book or newspaper , and especially doing crossword puzzles and expect to sell. You’ve got to interact with the public.

7. Don’t leave your booth for long periods of time, or with a booth sitter for more than 20 minutes. People will give up on an artist they can’t find after a few tries.

8. Inform and educate. The more people know about you and your technique, the more they will buy.

9. If you do commission work, let people know about it and explain what that means.

10.If you can’t make the sale, give them a show schedule and suggest they visit you again

Friday, March 7, 2008

Tips to Maximize Your Sales : Your Booth

Since I have an upcoming large Spring show next month, I thought I would post some tips that I came across on the net . The pic posted is just an example I found on the internet of a typical 10 x 10 booth. (not my booth)

Your Booth - 1. Before the show: Details count. Review every element of your booth, just as you review your work.

2. Before the show, and at the show: Have professional price tags. Ideally, price tags are typed or laser printed on heavy weight paper, or glued to mat board. Price tags authenticate the price, reducing the “haggle.”

3. At the show: Use a floor covering. It completes your booth and covers up ugly directional traffic markings and muddy ground.

4. At the show: Adjust often during the show. Shelf work should be arranged neatly. Keep glass clean, and bring touch up paint/markers for those unexpected nicks.

5. At the show: Don’t over fill your both. More is not always better. Have more stock in back, so that you can pull out that special piece for the right person.

6. At the show: think about multiple levels, and great bases that are the same. Don’t make bases so interesting that they detract from your work.

7. At the show: Have plenty of business cards and if you are redoing them, include pictures of your product . It greatly helps people remember who you are.

8. At the show: Keep a guest book, and maintain a database for future mailings.

9. At the show: If you love how your booth looks, take a photo for next season’s juries. The biggest weakness we see in the juries, are dark booth slides. Try to take a booth shot when the booth is bright and full of light. If you don’t love your booth, evaluate how it could be improved.

10. At the show: Keep your booth tidy so that the visitor at 4 pm on Sunday has the same positive experience that the visitor Saturday morning had.

11. At the show: maximize your experience, and take a look around for great booth ideas from other artists.

12. Wear your name badge during the show. This lets the public know who you are right away

Tomorrow , Ill be talking about "Your Work"...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Martha on Etsy....great segment!

If you havent had a chance to view Martha on Friday talking with Rob , here is the link to that. He did an amazing job..He even looks like Prince William!