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Friday, September 25, 2009

Kids off to School Again! Hooray!!

I apologize for being absent for along time! Being a mother of 5 is a task in itself. They are back to school now, so I have one left at home. My 3 year old Olivia. It feels weird to have only one to watch all day. I usually had at least 2, last year it was 3 because i was watching my niece. I always had a baby in my back pocket so to speak. I am not having anymore kids, 5 is enough I guess . At only 34 years old Id say that's pretty good. Part of me wishes I had another baby, then I stop to think for a moment, slap myself silly , realize I am nuts, and move on.

So, what have I been doing ??.....Well, of course I have been soaping my heart out! This fall, I have new scent added to my regular line. Cranberry Balsam, 7up pound cake, and Blue Raspberry are to name a few. Back this fall are Pink Lady, Sinfully Iced cinnamon, Candy Cane. Foaming Whipped Sugar Scrubs are being sold in 4oz jars. Ice cream Cupcake soaps are back in stock (they are 7-8 oz in weight) Raspberry Buttercream, KeyLime, Buttercream Frosting .

Also, I have been busily painting our Powder Room, and Master Bath in Benjamin Moore Grey Wisp. It is a spot on duplicate to Restoration Hardware Silver Sage. The Powder Room is done. I added a beveled glass star purchased from Urban Barn. Looks pretty!

I have been trying to do a full blown decorating project with our master bedroom as well. It was bare and just had our massive king size 4 poster bed. We bought only the bed from the Better Homes And Garden collection Modern Outlook. It was a steal at $600! We bought the floor model at a furniture store that was closing out. We recently ordered bedside tables that compliments the bed perfectly. So, so far over the weekend I purchased 4 -94" inch drapes from Urban Barn, 2 Lamps (as pictured) from Bowring, and a shade pendant light with crystals from Homesense that cost $79.99 CDN that looks exactly like this Horchow chandelier: John-Richard
Silver-Plated Chandelier listed at $1,980.00 !

"Get out of town !", you say? (cough,cough) $2,000 for that or $79.99 for mine? I love Homesense!!! So ladies, I'm not finished blowing the bank... I have yet to buy bedding, and I am on the hunt for a bench...preferably a zebra print, silver studded one with dark wood barley twist legs. Did I make that up?? Last year, I bought a starburst mirror from homesense that I absolutely loved for 29.99 and its on my wall as well. Can you picture this room? I was going to repaint it in the Grey Wisp like our master bath but decided to hold off. I like the tones in the room right now . The paint that was used in our master bedroom was Netsuke from Sherwin Williams Paint. Its a nice neutral color, with a greenish undertone.

The Master bath has a mirror that I am picking up this weekend (as pictured) It is stunning! All beveled glass.

Next to soap making, I love home decorating!!

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