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Friday, February 8, 2008

The Chi Chi Chicks have moved to a New location

The Chi Chi Chicks are better than ever. Their new location is now 515 Osborne (wpg,Mb). It is a house storefront. Inside you will find rooms divided into "themes" for example :Man-tique, She-She,ChiChi-Baby! and the Kitschy Kitchen. How Cool is that? They are re-opening their retro pretty store Feb.9th. Go and check it out!


iman3269 said...

nice soaps, but the "chicks" are unprofessional.
Spend your $ somewhere else.

theprimpantry said...

Hi iman3269 ,Did you have a bad experience there? I would like to find out more about your experience there...

Miss P and Kat said...

Hi there iman3269,

I'm one of the 'chicks' and am quite shocked by your comment. Did you have a bad experience with us? I'd certainly like to know as well. Between Patricia and I we have decades of experience in customer relations, from working retail at an early age, to acting as liasons and working in banking and in real estate.

We love, positively love, what we are doing. We adore our customers and our store. Everyone who walks in our door is offered a hot cuppa on the house (be it espresso, latte, cappuccino or herbal tea) and is greeted with a smile.

Have we upset the apple cart with some people? I can think of a couple, actually... there are at least two die hard Simplify customers I am aware of who simply don't like the changes we made in focusing on retro/vintage and new items. They have expressed that they would have much preferred if we had stayed the course with the Shabby Chic theme. They've been assured we will be offering Cottage Chic pieces in the spring through summer months. There are also a couple of 'dealers' who used to sell to the Simplify girls who are unhappy that we are not interested in the type of pieces they have offered us. For that we make no apologies. Our philosophy is to offer only quality vintage items where resale is concerned. The pieces we purchase must be solid vintage pieces, not rickety mass produced furnishings.

I look forward to hearing from you as to how you found one, or both of us, to be 'unprofessional'. Feedback is of the utmost importance to us.



And, Lisa.... thanks for the kind words and the nod on your blog. It's a fantastic blog!

theprimpantry said...

Hello! Thank you Kathy for clearing that up. The chi chi chicks are really the nicest women you will ever meet. It is not just a store, but an enviroment that warms your heart. The truth speaks for itself.. Where is

abli said...

My first piece from their store was a gorgeous vintage chenile bedspread. LOVE IT!!! Love the atmosphere and the "chicks"!!