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Friday, February 1, 2008

Brain Storming

Well, I missed writing in my blog yesterday. My daughter Sara had the stomach flu but she's all better now! My mind is working overtime. Brainstorming is all I do now. I got my proof for my buisness cards ...tell me what you think? I am not sure yet....Also, I am thinking about how my 10 x 10 space at the craft show is going to present itself. Displays are just as important as the product . I need something that is quick and easy to set up but at the same time it has to be eyecatching. My creations will all be displayed on cake plates. I am rolling with the idea of "PANTRY". bakery,bistro, ect...I thought of making brochure type menus .

I also have to figure how much inventory to make and bring. The crowd of people should reach over 8000 at the spring one ,it doubles for christmas. Worst case senerio , I could sell 1% of the attendence. There is a million things to think of! I just ordered 1000 business cards, I am getting some sinage done. If anyone has any comments to leave about advice on displays, craft shows or otherwise, dont hesitate. I love looking on the web about displays at craft shows,setups ect...There isnt enough info on that I think
I have ordered new scents for the spring and summer season. A few examples is cotton candy and watermelon. I have Fresh Pear that I am working on now.

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