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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Playhouse crazy

So all I have been thinking of besides soaps is a playhouse. I have been wanting one for my kids for a long time now. Mind you , I have a Step 2 Sweetheart playhouse ,but Im talking about a outdoor wooden outdoor one with a porch. A new one would cost in the thousands.

I have also been searching for used ones , maybe something that has good bones that I can turn into a dream playhouse. I recently came across this playhouse that I posted here in the classifieds, that I have been thinking about. I feel it has good bones, it is structurely sound. It is an ugly duckling of playhouses. I think it has great potential. I also have the kidkraft kitchen that I also posted,I was planning to move that in . My husband could have his den back!
I have begun my sketches on this. Gingerbread trim, porch pickets, a door, window grilles, yikes! Its a looker! Asking amount is $250 which I feel is still too much to ask, but I could talk him down. I have 2 big concerns:

1- How the hell would I get it from his yard to mine? 8 people and a flatbed truck I do not have.

2- It is u-g-l-y..What would the neighbours think! I have a newly constructed home, the yard is a mess because we are landscaping ect... If I plopped this puppy in the yard for all to see ,they would have a heart attack. What they wouldnt know is I would be working on it...

What do you think I should do??? Consider it or leave it??


egassner said...

I think you should go for it!!! Who cares what your neighbors think...and boy will it be pretty when it's done....even a fresh coat of paint would make it look 100x better!
And $250! That's a great deal compared to a new one! Even to build one would lost that much in lumber.
Good luck on transporting it though! Maybe for the $250, he could deliver it? I have 2 girls and have been thinking the same think recently! Lol

restyled home said...

I say go for it, too! We spent way more than $250 building ours, and you could easily make it pretty...

Yeah, maybe he will deliver it if you give him full price!

Oh, and remember, your neighbours will just be jealous when it is sitting in your yard, all prettied up, and their little girls will be whining to have one, too!!