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Friday, August 8, 2008


Well, its Friday, yippie! This weekend I plan to figure out which craft shows Ill be in. I know Ill be in the juried Scattered Seeds Show in October, I plan on being in The Festival of Lights Show and waiting to hear if I'm in another big show. I think Ive figured out what soaps will be in this Christmas. I am going to choose 8 -10 scents in the loaves. So far I am certain that pumpkin souffle,mistletoe kisses, chocolate chip cookie dough will be in.

For the Popsicles, I choose 3 different ones.

This year decided to do a Christmas sampler. Those samplers bags always sell out. They are cute and reasonably priced.
The photo that is posted here, is a custom order . This "shoe" soap was custom made for a lady who had a tea room/gift shop in the States. So cute, it smelled glorious. It turned out so darn cute I had to share.

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