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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Surprising Call

I received a phone call early evening of a best friend of mine, Judy,whom I haven't seen or spoken in years. I was thrilled to hear from her and so relieved that she found me. I tried a few times to find her . She was unlisted and not registered in Facebook (yes, I tried Facebook)

Anyway, we talked for about a half hour and I found out she is getting married and actually lives like minutes from me. We are practically neighbours! Her finance sounds very nice and we are inviting them over sometime next week. I am very happy to have reconnected with her!


Serahs said...

How touching! It's so great to reconnect. I'd like to share my touching story. Check out my blog post called East Coast Adventures.

East Coast Adventures

megha said...

well its always great to reconnect

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