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Monday, September 1, 2008

Another 2 Birthdays Under my Belt...

Yesterday we threw Olivia's 2nd birthday and Emma's 7th birthday together. We had 37 family members come, it was a great party. The Night before I stayed up until 2 am making 2 birthday cakes, 2 mini birthday cakes (one for my Aunt nad one for my hubby mike), and 24 cupcakes. They turned out fantastic..I must say I am very proud of myself. It was the first time making birthday cakes. Emma was feeling under the weather and missed most of her birthday, poor thing. She was up for presents and cake. They both recieved so many beautiful clothes and toys. Today is Olivia's real birthday..We have no plans realy. It is a holiday today, nothing is open , and it is super gloomy outside. It is raining all day today, :(

School starts up again Wednesday, so I will be getting ready for that . It will be somewhat quiet again but I will still have the 2 youngest at home and my neice Hanna.


abli said...

I'm sooooooo impressed with these cakes, cupcakes. I love the colors and what a sacrifice to stay up till 2 am. I remember those days!!!Very impressed! Emma looks impressed with the hat!!lolol
Olivia is adorable!!

megha said...

he eh nice photos

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