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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Sale on Etsy!

Its -44 with the windchill but boy, I am on fire!I got my first sale yesterday late in the afternoon . I just opened the store and my First Duckie Soap gone. I am part of the Trans Canada Etsy Team, I , along with numerous other sellers, will be having sales and specials starting Feb.18 and running until Feb. 24th. Check out the flyer at . Shop Canadian ! .... Eh? The Prim Pantry will feature 3 slices of gourmet soap for $10. Regular price is 3 for $15 , so you definitely won't want to miss that!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Scattered Seeds here I come!

I checked my mailbox this morning and in it was a exciting surprise!!! I recieved word from the Scattered Seeds jury that I indeed I was accepted to be in their show!! Honestly , I was not expecting that at all...(I was sure hoping though!)

I can hardly contain my excitement! I called my sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law,husband, (I tried my mother but she was still sleeping)

you name it. I have always said, my goal is to have my husband work for me some day. He likes that idea if you can believe it! My other dreams in life is to own a goldendoodle ,which is pictured at the top. I would name him either Francesco, Emilio, or Massimo...:) My sister told me she would name her dog Moses if she had a dog. I told her she could name her dog Moses , and I would name my dog Jesus . She was talking about a Bichon / Havanese puppy . I think that would be a riot... I cant think of a dog right now....Ive got Scattered Seeds !!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Buisness Cards

This is what I was thinking for my new buisness cards. My old ones were great but, I think these are even better. What do you think??

The Chi Chi Chicks ...Check out this Fantastic Shop!

You can also find my creations at an awsome new place called CHI CHI CHICKS that just opened before Christmas it has Shabby Chic furnishings & Vintage collectibles. The Chicks wish to welcome you to drop by for your Shabby Chic home furnishing and finishing needs.
Add just the right touch to your home decor with that special mirror, a sparkly chandelier or some vintage kitch. Lovely handmade gifts from local artisans, scrumptious soaps, glittery costume jewellery, and so much more candy for the eyes! This shop is a hidden treasure ...
513 Osborne Street click for a map
Winnipeg, MB R3L 2A9

January 28 2008

Hello gang. I opened my Etsy store days ago , and I am felling excited! Although I haven't made a sale yet, I am sure I will soon see one. I have also put in an application to the Scattered Seeds craft Show held at Assinaboine Downs for April and October, so I will soon find out if I have been accepted. There are alot of soapers selling already there, so I am not too optimistic about getting in....Although my soaps have a uniqueness so I am hoping that it will sell them. My brother-in-law Darwin loves the Cotton Blossom Soap. Here is a picture of it to the right I may rename it to clean cotton, it sounds more manly as he didn't like the "blossom " word part of it . I have yet to find my signature man smell...

I love Etsy..I bought 3 legwarmers for my kids made by a gal called Wangley Legs. I havent gotten them yet, but I am expecting them anyday..You should check her out, cute stuff! She also added a line of jewlery for kids. I didnt buy these leg warmers pictured to the top left, but those are in her store right now :