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Monday, January 28, 2008

January 28 2008

Hello gang. I opened my Etsy store days ago , and I am felling excited! Although I haven't made a sale yet, I am sure I will soon see one. I have also put in an application to the Scattered Seeds craft Show held at Assinaboine Downs for April and October, so I will soon find out if I have been accepted. There are alot of soapers selling already there, so I am not too optimistic about getting in....Although my soaps have a uniqueness so I am hoping that it will sell them. My brother-in-law Darwin loves the Cotton Blossom Soap. Here is a picture of it to the right I may rename it to clean cotton, it sounds more manly as he didn't like the "blossom " word part of it . I have yet to find my signature man smell...

I love Etsy..I bought 3 legwarmers for my kids made by a gal called Wangley Legs. I havent gotten them yet, but I am expecting them anyday..You should check her out, cute stuff! She also added a line of jewlery for kids. I didnt buy these leg warmers pictured to the top left, but those are in her store right now :


Shannon said...

Welcome to Etsy and to blogging! I hope you have great success with both. :)

theprimpantry said...

thanks so much!