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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Going to Italy

My husband and I , along with my sister and my brother-in-law, are flying to Italy for a cousins wedding for 13 days. This is my first trip there, and will be away from my kids the longest ever. There was one other time I was away from them , that was only 2 days, this will be quite the long separation. I am just starting to pack, and still have no dress for this wedding. I am not too worried about it though., I still have time. I'll be packing soaps to give away as gifts and maybe going to buy some chocolates. I think you are allowed chocolates in your luggage but not quite sure.

I got my hair done last night at my favorite new salon Vixin here in Winnipeg. I went red violet and also got some side bangs. This color is very rich and quite vibrant.  I really like it.

My husband is more set than me....he needed a suit and slacks, so we purchased them off ebay believe it or not. A Ricky Freeman wool suit that actually fit him with a few alterations , and also a pair of pinstripe Versace pants. He looks hot...Quite the deal too!