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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Part 2: Your Work and You

Your work:

1. Have various price points so that you have broad appeal to the masses.

2. Have work of various sizes, colors, fragrances (what ever u may do)

3. Be true to yourself. Time and time again, I see that it is the artists who really have something to say that sell the best, regardless of price

You -

1. Be clean and smell good. Basic, but true. People do not want to talk to, let alone buy from, someone who smells. Don’t eat onions and tuna fish and expect to sell.

2. Be well dressed. People buy more from people who dress (shoes too) like them.

3. Interact with the public. If you can’t, then hire someone who can. (You must still be present at the show)

4. People are not just buying your product , they are buying an experience, your story, you. You could tell them about yourself; what inspired you .

6. (this one aggravates me for sure, I hope that guy in the picture isnt doing #6) Don’t sit behind your booth reading a book or newspaper , and especially doing crossword puzzles and expect to sell. You’ve got to interact with the public.

7. Don’t leave your booth for long periods of time, or with a booth sitter for more than 20 minutes. People will give up on an artist they can’t find after a few tries.

8. Inform and educate. The more people know about you and your technique, the more they will buy.

9. If you do commission work, let people know about it and explain what that means.

10.If you can’t make the sale, give them a show schedule and suggest they visit you again



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