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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Part 4 : Thinking About Secruity

Ok...Good Morning all! Something else maybe to consider when you are at the craft show is security. My upcoming show is 3 days long and setup is the day prior. These days, anything is possible. Here are some points I came across that made me think twice . You definitely dont want people stealing your work and or your hard-earned cash; it does happen.

1. Keep your money on your person. Don’t have a money box, or bag you “hide” in your booth.

2 .Be especially alert at set-up and break-down when there is a lot of commotion.

3 .Jewelers with gold and precious stones: You should have at least one or more additional people with you at shows. If you feel you are being cased during a show, alert the staff. Trust your instincts. Consider using dummy bags. Don’t register in your hotel under your show name. Don’t take a first floor hotel room, or a room near the elevator or stairs. Fill up with gas the last morning of the show so that when you leave, you will go far before having to stop. Keep a disposal camera in your booth, and take a picture of someone you think is casing your booth. Bad guys don’t want to be seen and remembered. During daily set-up and take-down, always keep your merchandise on your person or securely locked to an immovable object. Don’t give anyone an opportunity.

4. Accept Credit Cards, thereby reducing carrying a lot of cash.

5. Be careful about hiring non-show people who happen to be around at set-up and offer to help you for a twenty.

6. It is recommend to remove your work from your booth at night even though most shows provide overnight security

. 7. Don’t leave tempting items in your booth overnight: cameras, radios, briefcases, etc.

8. Lock your vehicle! Remember to lock the back and side doors of your parked trucks and vans

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