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Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Sense Find

Yesterday, I found a tufted linen stool that opens for storage. When I saw it, I just had to have it. Initially, I was trying to find 2 stools to go under my console. I searched high and low in the store for a second one...but couldn't find one. I even asked staff if there was one in the back. They said all the furniture was out, but I still think it was an easy way out so they wouldn't have to actually go and search the back... husband thought it was nice but he tried to keep me from purchasing it (big surprise!) I was determined that this stool was coming home with me...I didn't even know the price yet . I was thinking the stool was $100 since that is sort of the norm for Homesense. I was so surprised that it was actually 69.99 for a stool that size. I bought it thinking I may run into a second stool if I go back and check next time. If I didn't , I could always return it (I only had 10 days ). I am keeping it whether or not I find a second one..I just love it. Thank goodness I didn't listen to my husband!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Proud Papa

This morning, my dear Bilbo (a Goldendoodle) found 4 bunnies buried at the side of our yard. He disappeared for nearly 45 minutes outside which is unlike him. I looked out our dining room window only to find dead grass and bunny fur scattered around the yard. Horrified, I quickly ran out expecting the worst.I found him, to my surprise, sitting with his paws crossed, looking proud as ever. He was watching over these babies as if they were his own. Amazing!