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Monday, April 21, 2008

What a Craft show!

Good Morning! I am still on a high ! There is so much to say, I dont even now where to begin! Well, For starters I would like to thank Adriana (coffee-holic sister) for all her help for the entire 3 days (she cannot stay away I tell you), my mom for helping me with the kids, My sister-in-law Rina for coming to help at the show and giving me comic relief on Saturday (how did the girls do sunday for dance? Ill call u), and my hubby Mike for helping me out with the kids, the setup and everything. I am very appreciative because I had so much help and everyone was so willing . xox

I feel like Im accepting an academy award or somethin....Ok! Anyway, so the show was a success. Lots of nice people, the crowds are not what they will be like for Christmas but it was great. Everyone loved the soaps, they way they looked and smelled , and when they enter the shower they will see how fabulous they preform. I took a ton of pictures and was pleased with the way things were set up. Mind you, It will be tweeked into perfection in the coming months.

I had a few people approach me to do 2 different things. I am so excited about that! Also I met a fellow Etsian friend "Kiddlebug". She was so nice , and I was so happy to have met her face to face. She also bought one of my Ice Pops Soaps. I soldout of the watermelon, and was left with 1 cantalope cucumber, and one vanilla cherry. Those were a hit. The ducks were a hit too. people loved the ducks. I enjoyed eveyone laughs and giggles when they saw them. The Monkey Farts soap was a huge hit too. When people entered the booth they actually enjoyed the atmosphere, and had a great time smelling them all and looking at it all. It was so fun to watch.

That pic of the plate and cup taped with electrical tape, was a desperate attempt at making a cake plate ...I was 1 short, and though this was a great idea!! It was stayed together without any problems. My sister Adrians almost fell to the floor in disbelief! Martha!!! Where are ya girl! Desperate times sometimes calls for desperate measures!

We met lovely crafters on either side of us. A potterer named Shaun ( That name Shawn reminds me of that funny movie Shawn of the Living Dead), and the other lady (i ccant remember her name) was a jeweler. Beautiful items. I bought 2 pairs of earrings from her. One for me and one for my oldest daughter. I have a weak spot for buying all my kids alittle something when I do craft shows. I bought my 2 other girls necklaces, and my son a jointed teddy bear, but that wasnt given to him last night. I have his communion this coming Sunday, so ill give that to hime then. It is fairly large , and he was wearing a tie. Too cute!

My sister bought a ton of items. The favorite item she purchased was some cheese ball spice thing ..She is a cheese ball fanatic. She also bought a platter from that potter Shawn, for guess what...her cheese balls.

I think I heard the word "cheese ball" a gazzilion times! Coffee and cheese balls Adri????

I would like to talk about some "faux -pas" that took place in my booth. Cheese ball sister was eating chocolate and talked to a costumer. I couldnt make out what she was saying because the chocolate was speeoooing (is that a word?) out of her mouth. I think I said, " Oh, Adri, thats a faux pas! " a gazillion times. She didnt like that word.

No, sister is not a crazy wreck as some might think , she was very helpful. ;0 )

Also...NEVER rearrange your neighbours booth WITHOUT ASKING...just dont rearrange your neighbour display period...(I wont mention any names) I couldnt believe my eyes.

Also, dont stand DIRECTLY infront of the displays so your costumers cant get to it. We are not on the football field playing defence. Again, I won't mention any names. Also, NEVER runafter and give a costumer's child a free sample of soap, sneak it to the child, who's parent is busily talking to another soaper at another table(that parent not knowing what was going on ) then come run back..only moments later ,the mother comes back to our booth with child and her ear in her hand thinking her 3 year old daughter stole a piece of soap, apoligizing for her clepto child,when infact she was GIVEN the soap as a gift. WONt mention any names there either......LOl!!

Here is something I found funny that she said to me...." I have a you want some tylonol? " Seriously!! She said that and didnt realize that. I told her , Uh, You are the one with the headache. Why would I want a tylonol? Maybe she would like a pill with her cheeseball and coffee? LOL

Ok I need to go now, I will come back later and talk some more :)


RedMarionette said...

LOVE the display! SO happy to hear you did well at the show! I bet it was totally worth it.
Your husband did come through with the display, it looks stellar!

Wish I could have been there to do some shopping!
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the craft show - enjoyed looking at the pictures of your set up. your soap looks fantastic - have to check out your shop.

theprimpantry said...

thank you so much!

egassner said...

Your booth area looks AWESOME! I've only done 2 shows, both in the same weekend away from home, so I had limited room in my car to bring products, let alone displays. Congrats on all the sales!

Anonymous said...

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