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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weather is looking up

It's still too cold for spring but at least its sunny. There is still snow on the ground and of course icy patches everywhere. I think Spring is going to skip us really....It will go from -15 to + 30 over night I am sure of it. Sometimes I wonder why I ended up in this cold place.

The hubby and I are shopping around for patio furniture and a barbecue. Didn't realize how expensive these things cost. We want a sofa, chairs and coffee table arrangement and also a table ,umbrella and 6 chairs. So far Walmart is the least expensive but also they looked really nice. Costco was a crazy amount, Rona was expensive too. We have Canadian Tire and Home Depot left.

Also in the works is a mudroom. We have a new home, its custom built but one thing that we failed to think of when building was a proper mudroom. In the house plans there is one, we have one technically but it is is space that's been wasted . So our plan is to take out the back closet, put a wall up and voila... the mudroom that was supposed to be there in the first place. In the original plans there was a door leading to it but we decided not to put that wall up..(big mistake)

So, eventually we will have someone come in and see if we can do this. Would have saved us alot of headaches if this was done in the first place....My ideal mudroom is cubbies,shelving,hooks,and a bench intergrated in all this. The space we have to work with is 6 x 8 so , I am sure its doable.

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Rocki said...

Awe yes. The joys of home improvements :) Have fun!