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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Home Theater Painting

What can I say? Well, busy comes to mind..I sound like a broken record. I have been painting like a mad woman, while all the while making soap . I make soap during the day, and paint at night! Here is the status of our home theater....hubby and I picked up paint from Benjamin Moore Store last Thursday. We finished priming Tuesday, and finished the home theater ceiling color and feature wall last night (at around 12:30 am) . The color I picked out for the feature wall is called Willow CC-542. It is a dark dark black brown, with a grey undertone . Sounds weird but is a beautiful color . That's where the screen comes down , so I wanted a almost black backround . The ceiling is painted a a dark silvery grey that has a brown undertone. Its on the same swatch card , its called Overcoat, CC-544. Its my favorite thus far, it looks irony, metal like. We used benjamin Moore Waterborne ceiling paint. The owner suggested it . I am glad he did! It is a perfect finish, flat and matte streaking, the paint it glorious to put on. Now the walls have to be done, we choose CC-546 Metropolis. Cant wait to put that one. I am the cutter today because I am more steady and can do finicky things. My husband is good at slapping the paint on...

The bar is finally painted and ready for granite. Which by the way, I have to throw in that Hubby wanted a black granite. I said nooooo way, I wasn't going for that one. I wanted Blanco Romano (Bianco?) . I thought light granite would look fabulous with the dark bar. He was not going to let up , but I finally convinced him that light was the way to go . Now he says to me : "Boy I am sure glad that we went with light granite..." Ya, I am so glad I convinced you because it would have been ugly !

So anyway, the bar: We had to redo it because we didn't like the light stained oak look. We bought minwax ebony, and stained it with 2 coats. It was dark but not dark enough. We didn't "love" it . Not the look we were going for. In the very beginning, I wanted the bar painted and not stained. Because is oak, he paint would still show the grain anyway, but HUBBY didn't listen. Now he admits I was correct and now he loves it. :) He wanted Black Black, but I said leave the color up to me . Hiss track record for decor and taste is not so great...Well, its ok some of the time . Anyway, I though the paint color that we used for our front door, remember? It was called Night Shade, also from BM . It look fabulous. It is a rich , warm blackish brown. If anyone is searching for the perfect dark cabinet color, this would be it! This color is a stable in my book.

So, we have to finish the painting by Tuesday because the carpet is scheduled to go in Wednesday. Yes Yes, pictures!! I will pot them today..I have to find that camera of mine!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Life Goals, Dreams Include Bono....

Remember when I first started this blog, I listed all my life's goals and dreams? I had a goal to get a goldendoodle (Check!), I had a goal of having a successful business (check!), to kick my husband out of his retail space ( check yet)....My ultimate goal would be to attend my first U2 concert and meet my ultimate favorite man in the world, (next to my husband of course, who is always # 1)...BONO. As a young teenager/child I never knew or listened to U2. Only did I ever learn of them was through my husband. I remember going on a our first date to the beach, he played U2. We are 7 years apart , not much of a difference now , but I was 17/18 years old and he was 25 so that is a big difference in my book.

I was hooked the moment I heard U2 , and I am still hooked now. Every time I hear a song from them, it always reminds me of my hubby Mike and the drive to the beach.

I heard they are playing in Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton in 2010. Boy, am I praying they play in Winnipeg. Sure I can travel to Edmonton and see they play......NOT!

Not with 5 little ones tugging on your ankles. What a dream it would be if I met the guy, That would be a dream. In the past, I have written , emailed Oprah, Ellen, Sally Jessie Raphael for pete sakes...don't laugh!!! "Dear Oprah: I know you are best buds with Bono, Could you please make my dreams come true?? Mother of 5 would love to meet him and tell him what an inspiration he is to me and so many people. " yada yada...... No reply back, what a shocker! Same with Ellen Degeneres. (I love her btw) I kid you not, I really did email and write these people. Am I a loser or what??? Honestly, I would just die if I met Bono. I would make a soap in his honour... maybe a rock n roll duckie soap?

Someone else that I really love is Nicolas Cage. He's having some difficulties right now , but I know hell pull through. I know he needs money but all I have is soap. If you need some soap, Ive got plenty of that.

So I guess my plea to Bono is : Bono, I am a young mommy of 5, (well 6 if you count the hubby) who needs a night out. My hubby and I are celebrating 15 years of marriage in 2010 right around the time you will be in Canada. You are the reason we fell in love (well part of the reason) My husband is Irish too...does that help?? Please come to Winnipeg! I know our stadium stinks, its small and you may get west nile ..but I promise you, I am well worth the trouble! :)