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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Home Theater Painting

What can I say? Well, busy comes to mind..I sound like a broken record. I have been painting like a mad woman, while all the while making soap . I make soap during the day, and paint at night! Here is the status of our home theater....hubby and I picked up paint from Benjamin Moore Store last Thursday. We finished priming Tuesday, and finished the home theater ceiling color and feature wall last night (at around 12:30 am) . The color I picked out for the feature wall is called Willow CC-542. It is a dark dark black brown, with a grey undertone . Sounds weird but is a beautiful color . That's where the screen comes down , so I wanted a almost black backround . The ceiling is painted a a dark silvery grey that has a brown undertone. Its on the same swatch card , its called Overcoat, CC-544. Its my favorite thus far, it looks irony, metal like. We used benjamin Moore Waterborne ceiling paint. The owner suggested it . I am glad he did! It is a perfect finish, flat and matte streaking, the paint it glorious to put on. Now the walls have to be done, we choose CC-546 Metropolis. Cant wait to put that one. I am the cutter today because I am more steady and can do finicky things. My husband is good at slapping the paint on...

The bar is finally painted and ready for granite. Which by the way, I have to throw in that Hubby wanted a black granite. I said nooooo way, I wasn't going for that one. I wanted Blanco Romano (Bianco?) . I thought light granite would look fabulous with the dark bar. He was not going to let up , but I finally convinced him that light was the way to go . Now he says to me : "Boy I am sure glad that we went with light granite..." Ya, I am so glad I convinced you because it would have been ugly !

So anyway, the bar: We had to redo it because we didn't like the light stained oak look. We bought minwax ebony, and stained it with 2 coats. It was dark but not dark enough. We didn't "love" it . Not the look we were going for. In the very beginning, I wanted the bar painted and not stained. Because is oak, he paint would still show the grain anyway, but HUBBY didn't listen. Now he admits I was correct and now he loves it. :) He wanted Black Black, but I said leave the color up to me . Hiss track record for decor and taste is not so great...Well, its ok some of the time . Anyway, I though the paint color that we used for our front door, remember? It was called Night Shade, also from BM . It look fabulous. It is a rich , warm blackish brown. If anyone is searching for the perfect dark cabinet color, this would be it! This color is a stable in my book.

So, we have to finish the painting by Tuesday because the carpet is scheduled to go in Wednesday. Yes Yes, pictures!! I will pot them today..I have to find that camera of mine!!

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