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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Picture of My 2x4 foot Banner For The Show And... Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Happy Birthday to my Mom .Its her birthday today!
Here is my banner folks..What I failed to realize is maybe I should have had my etsy shop as my website posted on there. They are on my new buisness cards , but my banner no. I am disappointed but I can either get another one (which I probably will do anyway down the road) and or add sticker letters above the I will do that if I find the right letters.. I dont want it to be confusing. Anyway, on my .com web , it states to check out etsy anyway. Anywho thats my banner!


Erin said...

I like your banner!

It might good a little crowded and hard to read with 2 websites on it. Since you say that the one site directs you to the other and it's on the business cards, I think that you're good to go!

Best of luck with your shows :)

Amy Yang said...

I think your banner looks really lovely :)

RedMarionette said...

That came out so nice!
How exciting!