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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Busy, Busy Chick

I'm just crazy busy these past weeks. I have multiple things in the works. I have an order to finish for the Chi Chi Chicks, I have my spring show coming in 3 weeks..Yikes! And huge ideas that I must finish details on. If I could just work 24 hours straight everyday, I could do everything I want!
Easter is this weekend, and we have plans with both sides of the family. Always look forward to Easter. The kids love the Easter egg hunts every year...My husband always buys those darn peeps every year .. by the thousands! I hate those things. He thinks they are fun to find and fun to eat. Ugly looking creatures , disgusting is what I say ..OK ,maybe a few to find ,but not 10 thousand of them! I feel like I'm in the Hitchcok Movie "The Birds".How is that any different? On the grocery list I sent via email stated:
- Bread
- O.j.
-Easter Stuff (...NO PEEPS Man....PEEPS are not welcome at our house...NO PEEPS allowed.....ROGER THAT??")
Easter Everyone!


abli said...

"The Birds" is a classic from Alfred Hitchcock!! He made another one with the lonely lady with 4000 cats living with her. She dies, and there's no one to feed them. Well, everyone knows what happens next..........
I'm not much for those Peeps either! :)

Joanna Schmidt said...

Love "The Birds" and Peeps are so nice to look at. Thanks for sharing!

Joanna Schmidt said...

OK, it is true, I am not a fan of actually eating them. Come see the Peeps soap on The Soap Bar!