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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Holidays Puts Me Behind

Ohhhh! The summer holidays has put me behind on my blog entries. That happened last year..not one blog entry all summer. So far the summer has been very interesting. We went camping for 3 days. The kids have had sleepovers and we went to alot of movies so far.

My husband sprained his foot badly last week, that was very bad let me tell you. Um, I had a garage sale last weekend and made about $190 dollars. It was from 10am-3pm. So, not bad considering I am not missing the junk. My sister made $20 (haha) , but she didn't really bring a whole lot. My mom made $25, she was happy. My sister loves garage sale shopping....she, my mom and my aunt left ours to go to another one in the area and mom came back with dishes. Obsessed or what!

I love garage sales shopping too , but my husband hates them ,hence, I haven't been to one in a decade. Really!

My sister and I are obsessed with all things shabby chic and vintage. Even though my new home is not decorated like that, I still have some elements of vintage . I would call my taste Modern Vintage/Classic.

One store here in Winnipeg that is a treasure is the Winnipeg's Old Revival House Company 3 floors of fabulous vintage / antiques. It is neatly crammed with tons of stuff. You need hours and hours to go through everything. So far I bought a red vintage kids wooden ironing board, a vintage child's watering can shaped like a swan, and a vintage green recipe card holder with old recipes inside. These items where meant for a playhouse I want built in the backyard but I haven't found anyone willing to build it. I have already bought 3 windows , window boxes and shutters for it. they are collecting dust as we speak. This is something I wanted for a very long time, ever since my first born. Now, 5 kids later still no playhouse...My goal is to get one by the end of the summer...:)

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