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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hello? ...Is it me you are looking for????

Afternoon all! Its been a few days but I am busy with a few wholsale orders (Bubble Gum Soap mmm), plus Mikey is turning 8 this weekend, so I am busily trying to figure out what to make for his family party. Food is an important part of our culture (Italian/Spanish), so 80 percent of the planning has to do with what to serve. If it were up to my husband, he would have coffee and cake ..thats it. That would not go over well with my side of the family. His side is fairly laid back, they dont really care one way or another. After 12 years (goig on 13) of marriage, my husband still questions the amount of food I buy for parties and we always get into an argument over it. Although I agree I have learned from my mother she taught me to go "overboard" with the food. To me , good food= a good party. Maybe its a European thing? By the way, that is my mom in the picture. This was taken when me, my husband and my 5 kids lived with my parents for 6.5 months while our dream home was being built. Good lord, she looks awfully happy there. I think this was taken near the end of the 6.5

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abli said...

You are so right!