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Monday, May 12, 2008

What a Wonderful Mother's Day...

I hope every one's Mother's Day was enjoyable! Mine was great! The morning started off with the kids piling up on my bed early in the morning. My DH Mike tried,for the consecutive 10th year in a row, to make my cafe con leche (coffee with milk)and failed. You would think he would know by now how much sugar,coffee and milk to put?? I received some toast also, which my 1 year old started munching on and made herself quite comfortable right next to me.
Mikey who is 7 years old, made me a fridge magnet with his picture in it and a wind chime made of plastic spoons and curling ribbon. That was cute! Emma who is 6, made a beautiful book called I love you as..... She is quite the drawer. She also had time to make me about 15 I love you Mommy cards (no lie), some paper flowers, and about 8 pictures. Bonnie who is 11, made me a mini calender with love quotes on each month. Cute , Cute! Sara who is 4, made me a picture of a circle and said it was a phone..Genius! Olivia ,she's the 1 year old, left a huge pile of crumbs on my bed. Well, that leaves the dh...I couldn't open his gift in front of the got to it anyway, and pulled it right out...Emma said"WOW that so pretty!...What is it? a bathing suit? How come you have so many bathing suits but you never go in the water???"
I ask myself the same questions. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the "bathing suits", I could probably open my own La Senza/Victoria Secret shop; forget the soaps....but when I do receive these items as gifts I call these the " I didn't have time , so I'm headed to La Senza type gift "
LOL...Christmas,birthdays,mothers day, name it. Anyway, it was lovely thank you .

My sister was in town for Mother's day which was nice.She is pictured above to the right. I had my mom and all my in-laws come for a Mother's day lunch. I served mimosas,sandwiches ,salad fruit and desserts. It really was nice. Both mothers loved their gift..I picked up these fairly large pagoda solar lanterns from costco..they loved them! My dad who loves his garden loved it too. I would say he was really happy about getting that . The evening ended up at my brothers ..we had a double birthday party for my niece and nephew. There is almost always a family gathering every weekend..this weekend is my parents 45th wedding anniversary. I have such a large family that a free weekend is unheard of.

This week, I am eagerly awaiting some new fragrances. I have also been preparing some applications for some upcoming shows and checking into the farmers market.


Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

I truly enjoyed reading this post! Sounds like you had a very nice Mother's Day.
Handmade gifts from your kids are the best - they last a lifetime!
☼ Rocki

theprimpantry said...

Thanks Rocki, Yes the childrens handmade goodies are the best! I hope yours was great too!