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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guess What!

You never believe what I saw in the city on a billboard , and on a bus! Well, its not exactly me but, people seem to think it's me! Thanks to this Downtown Peggy in Winnipeg, because I have been getting calls and orders because of it, lol. This is the best advertising ever for me, I dont even have to pay a dime! You see, apparently "Peggy" must have been inspired by my character logo. I am very flattered to say the least and such a compliment I think. She must of liked my business logo so much, she decided to do one for herself. It actually is helping me get my own face out there even though I have had this look for 2 years....People dont know the difference anyway. When I saw my so called face plastered on the huge bullitin board over the diserali overpass, I almost died and take a double take ,"What! Who put my face up there! That's Awsome! Someone decided they love the soap and put my face on there! LOL! Anyway, I is sooo funny...twins! The only way to tell us apart is the beauty mark :)


Cat said...

Wow...what a pleasent surprise. Ah, to be captured on the side of a bus...very cool! :)

Little Messy Missy said...

Very cool!

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