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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Candy Wrapper Purse

Last night, I recieved a fantastic gift from my mother-in-law who came back from her vacation from Mexico; a purse made from candy wrappers! Its the neatest thing ever... Thanks Mom!


Cat said...

How cool! A perfect way to repurpose (and an excuse to eat candy?...can we push it that far :)). What a nice surprise from you mum.

thatsoaplady said...

Thanks! Yes, she is wonderful!

InnovativeMom said...

My sisters came home with this and I was so envious!!! They are so cute <3

thatsoaplady said...

they are extremely cute aren't they? My daughters is smaller and all green,its like a work of art

Out on a limb said...

I have one just like it!
I got mine in mexico a couple of years ago.