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Friday, March 26, 2010

Here is a candle holder hurricane shade I picked up at a shop in Winnipeg . Its called Slic Chics and its located on Henderson Hwy. It is two pieces...a metal design that sits right inside the glass. Right now, I'm the only one in Winnipeg that has it..not that it matters :) . I found out after I purchased it , it was a part of an exclusive line to Marie Osmond's lifestyle collection. Slic Chics is the only authorized dealer that carries Marie Osmond . Anyway, what caught my eye is that it was different, modern yet classic . It sits on my coffee table

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InnovativeMom said...

This is very unique!!! I wonder if you could make a mock-up of this with silver puffy paint and a vase??? It wouldn't be nearly as beautiful but a cool idea!