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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Work in Progress

This is our great room. This pic was taken a month and a half ago..It looks different right now so, Ill have to load up a recent pic. The table to the right, against the wall was bought at a fantastic store just outside of the city called Pineridge Hollow. I loved it from the moment I first laid eyes on it. It is made of mango wood. It reminds me of some of Restoration Hardware furniture pieces . That lamp on the console is in my den at this moment and replaced with another Pineridge Hollow piece, a gorgeous black lamp. The mirror above the fireplace will be replaced with a piece of art because I bought yet another piece from Pineridge, which is now hung above the console . Its a gorgeous 2 paneled mirror that has circles designed in the panels. Hard to explain but it is simply stunning. I had gone through a few pieces of art to go above that table, but didn't like anything I brought home. I was looking for the "wow"factor, the Ï love it to death"feel. So, I finally found it.

A rug is what we are on the hunt for now...I have been looking for the perfect rug since I moved in (3 years) . I think I have found it but I have to order it online. that's what scares me. We went through a ton of rugs from retailers around here to try out, but did not love anything. The style and colors that i was looking for , we cant seem to find around here. That is what Winnipeg is lacking here... All we have are marshmallow couches and particle board tables. That's why,Pinridge isone of my favorite furniture/home decor retailers. We don't have many that have my particle taste. My taste falls somewhere between Modern Traditional Classic with a pinch of vintage charm. Mmmm, that is interesting!

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I love this room...I'm your newest follower.
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